The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm, a stop along the JoCo Sweet Tooth Trail, is a hip urban frozen dessert shop where locals and travelers go to satisfy their sweet cravings.

The Ice Storm stands out for its creative and adventurous approach to ice cream – from traditional favorites like Chocolate and Vanilla to seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pecan. Made using the finest of ingredients, the menu boasts an extensive selection of unique and innovative flavors sure to tantalize your taste buds!

The toppings bar is a playful and interactive feature at The Ice Storm. Guests can personalize their ice cream creations with an array of options, including candies, cookies, fresh fruit purees, nuts and more.

Staff at The Ice Storm are friendly and enthusiastic, combining cheerful service with ice cream knowledge. They’re always ready to provide recommendations to ensure that each guest has a memorable visit! 

The Ice Storm, a 2021 Blue Bunny Ice Cream National Heart of Fun award winner, takes pride in using eco-friendly packaging and other sustainable practices in their commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. The Ice Storm engages with the local community through charitable initiatives and events to give back.