Nai Thai Xpress

Family inspired Thai recipes and Asian Fusion

Our Story

Co-owners Larry Balio and his wife Thanyakarn Singkonart, known as ‘Pik,’ are building on the success of their Nai Thai 2 location in Goldsboro, with the opening of Nai Thai Xpress at ONSFH in mid-November. Nai Thai 2 was featured earlier this year on America’s Best Restaurant (ABR) Roadshow, a national media and marketing company that focuses on local, independently owned restaurants.

‘Pik’ and her two sisters, known as ‘Apple’ and ‘Bim’ grew up in a small village in northeastern Thailand, and learned to cook traditional Thai food from their mother. The sister trio now serves as the backbone of Nai Thai’s culinary team. Some of their most popular dishes include Northern Thai Curry,  Pad Thai, and their mother’s Papaya Salad, which has a special place in the Singkonart family history.